Hostgator Coupon: An Instant 20% Discount!

hostgator coupons

Hostgator coupons give you upto 20% off on any purchase made from

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The Default Hostgator Coupon

If you visit the official hostgator website, and select any one of their shared hosting plans, you’ll find out that their signup page already has a pre-popluated coupon called ‘SPRING’ pre-loaded by default.

This pre-populated coupon gives you a 20% off by default. We’ve noticed they’ve kept this coupon live and active for over 2 years now and honestly speaking, they should keep running these 20% default promo codes for the foreseeable future.

Hostgator Coupon "Spring" Preloaded by default

The coupon “Spring” is pre-populated and gives you an instant 20% off on any of their hosting plans

However, there are other discounts also available that might save you money while purchasing your hosting package with Hostgator. This page will be updated once a month to ensure you get the best deals possible.

PLEASE NOTE: Hostgator keeps running severalspecial promosall round the year notably the Black Friday discounts (sometimes upto 80% savings) and just recently they had an amazing 10th anniversary celebration discounts too.

How To Apply These Coupons

Just follow the step-by-step instructions below to apply any promo code while purchasing your hosting with hostgator.

Step 1: Go to and choose the hosting plan that meets your needs. We’ve written and article on all hosting plans available, and another guide on helping you decide which shared hosting plan might work out the best for you.

Step 2: After choosing the plan, you need to enter the domain name that you will associate with your hosting account. On the same page, you also have the ‘coupon field’ to enter your discount coupon. The image above shows this page while purchasing a shared hosting plan.

Step 3: Enter your billing information and complete the payment. You shall receive an email in a few minutes with the details to your brand new hosting account. (including username, password, and detailed instructions)

Is Hostgator Right For You?

We honestly feel that you need to be completely informed before you make a decision, and that is the sole purpose of this website.

Therefore, we highly recommend you read our Hostgator review and go through the reviews posted by real customers. You’ll find that we post all reviews that customers send us, good or bad. Although its optional, but if you have any questions AFTER becoming a customer, we’ve written down some handy dandy support guides to guide you through most problems you might face.

After all, we do get a commission if you purchase from our link, so consider these guides as a Thank You from us.

Got Questions? Fret Not

If you have any question regarding hostgator, you can most definitely go to their support center, but if your question is unresolved, submit a ticket at our helpdesk and one of our company’s in house support staff will get back to you. Although our helpdesk is meant for our product support, we also like to extend our support to those in need from our affiliate websites.

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  1. CPA Marketing Blog

    Just wanted to give a vouch to Hostgator Have used them for over 6 years. Great support. The folks at Host Gator go out of their way to assist and direct you to best options — or fix what you ruined! They are giving away 25% off on all plans just use coupon BESTHOST212 when you create an account .

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