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Ritoban’s Hostgator Review

Hey guys, before I write down my HostGator review I need to tell you that I won’t be telling you about HostGator’s features, guarantees, hosting specs etc. All that information is readily available in the official HostGator website. In the next few lines, I’m going to describe my personal experience with them and after you’ve read mine, you can check out more Real HostGator Reviews.

I first started with HostGator way back in 2007 when it wasn’t such a household name. I chatted with their support staff and had read good reviews about them in various forums – so I decided to choose Host Gator as my first webhost.

  • Its been almost 3 years and I have had only 4-5 occasions when there was downtime (that too for about 5 minutes max).
  • I have about 70 domains hosted with them and run various blogs, forums, and websites on these domains – Everything runs smoothly.
  • All my websites that are hosted with Host Gator get about 20,000 hits a day (sometimes more, sometimes less), but my visitors have never complained of any problems yet.
  • All my websites have regular use of databases which have been perfect till now.
  • I also take weekly backups (it takes 10 seconds), run cron jobs, use FTP regularly, and everything goes pretty smoothly.
  • cPanel has been by far the best control panel that I’ve used.
  • Their support staff has always been lightning quick to respond and solve all my problems.

That being said, Hostgator does have a few drawbacks:

  • If there is a sudden spike of traffic, then the websites load up slowly.
  • Earlier, HostGator had a limit of 50,000 inodes (number of files) per account. Those days I hated HostGator because my inodes filled up pretty quickly. But in 2009 they increased the limit to 250,000 inodes (which is enough to host more than 200 WordPress blogs). I was thrilled on hearing that announcement and it has been great ever since.
  • You might take a little while to get adjusted to the cPanel if this is the first time you’re buying hosting. But, there are video tutorials inside which should be sufficient to help you get started.

I have also used JustHost, HostMonster, and WiredTree (for VPS) but I would rate HostGator as #1 for ‘Customer Support’, ‘Reliability’, and ‘Pricing’. When you’re getting such fantastic services in less than 5 bucks a month, you can’t really complain much ;)

If you’re looking for shared or reseller hosting, then I definitely recommend checking out HostGator.

This review was published by Ritoban Chakrabarti, the Editor of Hostgator World. Last updated on 7th November, 2012

14 thoughts on “Hostgator Review

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  2. Power Gemstones

    I will trying host gator for my website based on your review but i wonder if they have cron jobs i will check with them thanks a lot for the review

  3. Amadeo

    I had an issue for two months (that I know of) with Comodo SSL certificates which Hostgator installed. The issue pertained to incorrect warning/error messages which were being generated by visitors browser.

    Hostgator Support gave me generic responses and did not investigate the problem adequately. It took a series of tickets and a supporting email from Comodo to convince Hostgator support that there was a problem, as they were constantly denying there was a problem with their installation of the Comodo certificates. Finally they reinstalled the Comodo SSL certificates and the problem disappeared.

    I asked Hostgator support if they were going to compensate me for the two lost months which were paid for. They are now refusing, blaming Comodo for the problem instead of their own botched up installation. I didn’t even ask Hostgator for the extra $2 per month for static ip required for SSLs wich was lost.

  4. Amadeo

    Just an update (in the interests of fairness) regarding my last post. Hostgator has come to the party and revoking the old certificate and installing new ones so that I benefit from the full twelve months.

  5. Luke

    I host about 20 sites with HostGator and have had a pretty similar experience to the review writer. Our business has been with HostGator for over 2 years and have found them to be a very good host.

    As an international customer (in Australia), the only downside has been that they have done maintenance late at night in the USA, but that is still business hours in Australia. But it’s only happened twice and we weren’t offline for more than 15 minutes.

    I have used their online chat several times and it has always been fast and an easy way to communicate with them. Overall very good hosting features that our developers also like using.

  6. Raymond Rodriguez

    I have been with this HostGator for 3 months and I do not know how to run it I have been paying for the web site with my own money I am slowly going in the hole pleas help me I’m at

  7. Everyoneisdoingit

    “When you agreed to our Terms of Service, you agreed that we could charge the credit card on file any fee at any time. You may review our Terms of Service at

    Please let us know if you have an additional question.

    Jefferson S.
    Sr. Billing Administrator LLC

    Their terms of service does NOT say they can charge any fee at any time but think about what this person said… Why on earth would he say something to blatantly untrue? There is no way they can charge your credit card any fee at any time. But the fact that he said it means they are willing to try it if you let them.

    They have no record of me having ordered any of their services other than the standard hosting packages. So this was their response.

    I’ve been with them since 2006 and have had no real issues until now. Tech support has been great and I’ve had little problems with uptime that didn’t get fixed right away. But I can’t get behind a company that says your ordered something, has no record of it and then says their TOS says they can charge whatever they want at any time. It doesn’t say that and I don’t think that is legal anywhere in the US.

    My advice would be, if you are going to go with this company, do not pay monthly. If you pay yearly, it’s much easier to notice something like this and have it refunded before you’ve lost tons of money like I have.

  8. Tracy Coleman

    Hi Hostgatorworld Webmaster:

    I have been thinking about starting a website, but I just don’t know who to use as my hosting service?

    You say you get about 20K hits a day with the hosting service called….That’s Great!

    But is that 20K hits a day just because you signed-up with, or is it from something you are doing to promote your own website?



  9. Aviraj

    This article is eye opening to all those looking for shared hosting and reseller hosting. There may be drawback with every services.

  10. Harshil Barot

    I am Using HostGator Hosting For My Website from last 2 year…
    I didn’t get any down time problem from HostGator, Very Cheap and Amazing Hosting Service Provider..

  11. Akash Yadav

    I do agree with your statement. Hostgator is best for starting your blog or website.

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